Kingdom Builders

Kingdom Builders is Promise Church’s approach to giving over and above the tithe. The tithe is the first 10 percent of your income which belongs to God and should be given to the local church to support its ministries. You cannot give more than a tithe until you give the tithe.

God wants us to advance His Kingdom. Jesus taught us to pray, “His kingdom come.” (Matthew 6:10) Jesus told us “The kingdom has been forcefully advancing and forceful people are advancing it.” (Matthew 11:12)

God gave His all to reach the lost. He gave his one and only Son. He wants us to follow his example and hold nothing back in our own sacrifice for the Kingdom.

Promise is made up of families prayerfully committed to giving, over and above their tithes, to global missions, local church expansion, and future Christian leaders.

God doesn’t use superstars to do it. He looks at His church and says,

“Who has something I can use?”

Boy with five loaves and two fishes.

“Who has something they are willing to give?”

Woman with two mites. She could have said it means nothing and really adds nothing.

“Who will step out of the boat and have some faith?”

We know Peter’s name. We don’t know the boys’ name. We don’t know the woman’s name. She didn’t even know that Jesus saw her giving her gift. He wants to use regular people like you and me.

Kingdom Builders is a partnership and step of faith with God.

How much should you give?

The journey begins when you have a conversation with God. With your prayer, you express to God your desire and intention to give a specific amount over and above your tithe to support Kingdom Builders projects. Ask Him how much He would want to give through you.

Expect God to do incredible and amazing things through you!