About Us

Promise Church is a body of believers who worship together and reach our community together. God has called His people to belong. Belonging is more than simply watching online. God wants you to be part of the church, not watch church.

If you don’t have a relationship with Jesus, we want to introduce you to Him. You can check out our salvation page for a simple outline of how that happens. He has forgiven our sins and changed our lives. We want that for you.

If you do have a relationship with Him, then the most likely reason you are on this web page is to find out what makes us different than the other churches in town. The wonderful thing about Waconia is we have great churches.

The thing that makes Promise Church different from these other great churches is that we believe the Holy Spirit moves today and we try and give Him room in our services.

So sometimes the worship team may continue to play instruments but stop singing. So, we can listen to Him. Or so we can engage Jesus with our own words. Or so He can lead in ways that we do not have in our order of service.

We believe that God can do more in a few seconds or minutes than we can do in hours, days or years so we want to provide a place where people can encounter Him in miraculous ways.  

Yeah, Promise Church is a lot more, but that gives you an introduction to who we are. If you think that might be a fit for you, come check us out Saturdays at 5:15 p.m.